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We currently own a 300L large electric kiln, various heavy duty machinery (such as an extruder and a slab roller) and we will be soon owning a 60L top loader electric kiln.

The glaze laboratory is in the process of being implemented.



Another unique project in Bergen would be our ceramic fablab. New technologies involved with ceramic are currently not existent in Bergen. Our digital workshop conducted by Eleonore Griveau aims to be open to anyone who wants to create a 3D object. From 3D drawing, scanning, editing and printing, we can facilitate advice and assist while offering plenty of space to work and experiment with our machines.

Cone 7 is a ceramic center based in Bergen, Norway and is co-founded by Lorie Ballage and Eléonore Griveau. Open to artists, designers, and anyone willing to experiment with clay, our mission is to develop a long term ceramic community and to promote its application in art, design and craft.

Our ceramic workshop aims to become an open cultural platform where any interested parties may experiment with clay and specific tools that are involved in a ceramic based practice. The workshop facilitate research methods, courses and other arrangements. As an open ceramic workshop where classes are held, artists can also rent a space or a technician to complete their specific projects. Ceramic is a long process that demands time as it involves the making, the drying, the glazing and the firing processes.



One of the biggest processes that is often reduced and limited to ceramists is making glazing from scratch. We often limit ourselves to expensive “ready made glaze” with little possibilities as a proper glaze laboratory requires strict health and safety regulations. As glazing researchers, one of the assets in our workshop is the possibility to teach everything about the glazing process and offer the access to use the laboratory and its glaze archive. Our glaze library is a project built by Lorie Ballage, which consists of an archive of research about the possibilities of glazes. This growing project aims to expand itself throughout Cone 7 by working closely with guest researchers and curious learners eager to contribute to a library in constant development.



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Co-founder and vice-director


On the drifts of a journey around the unfeasible, useless gestures and failures to come, the work of Lorie Ballage is a dedication to tragedy as a grand ideological narrative.
Her works can be perceived as utopian errors aiming to represent the potentialities of failure - thrills which results from unfortunate events, loss of control and uncertainty. The error has an inherent aura of resistance in which resides the nuances, the mistakes, the flaws, all the things that define us as individuals.

Lorie Ballage (b.1994, France) holds a BFA from the Art Academy of Dundee, Scotland and a Master of Fine Art from the Art Academy of Bergen, Norway.

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Co-founder and Director

Eleonore’s current research leads to the making of active objects undergoing an evolution conducting to self destruction. With accumulation of rough geometric forms, the ecological interactive and still installations reflect on the figure of human activities as the dominant influence on nowadays ecosystems.
She develops works which tend to mix ceramics and electronics.Through projects which attempt to narrate the catastrophe she is  using the visitor’s presence as a trigger. It refers to a post-humanism era that shows that our way of apprehending our body is changing with new technologies and is linked within the problematics related to collapsology and solastalgia. Visions of the future are never real predictions, they are support for the projection of the fear and anxieties of the present day.


Eleonore Griveau (b.1994, France) holds a BFA from the Art Academy of Tours, France and a Master of Fine Art from the Art Academy of Bergen, Norway.


Ceramic Workshop

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