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Eléonore Griveau 

  • Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos
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Co-founder and Director

Eleonore’s current research leads to the making of active objects undergoing an evolution conducting to self destruction. With accumulation of rough geometric forms, the ecological interactive and still installations reflect on the figure of human activities as the dominant influence on nowadays ecosystems.
She develops works which tend to mix ceramics and electronics.Through projects which attempt to narrate the catastrophe she is  using the visitor’s presence as a trigger. It refers to a post-humanism era that shows that our way of apprehending our body is changing with new technologies and is linked within the problematics related to collapsology and solastalgia. Visions of the future are never real predictions, they are support for the projection of the fear and anxieties of the present day.

Eleonore Griveau (b.1994, France) holds a BFA from the Art Academy of Tours, France and a Master of Fine Art from the Art Academy of Bergen, Norway.

Joe Welch 

Course Instructor and Permanent Artist

Joe's research is based on the usage of experimental clay which creates allegories to methods of communication. Studio practice is process-based and thus the emphasis of the work is on the emergence of the piece from that activity. He makes his own clay that retains an amorphous quality and resists traditional building methods. This thixotropic clay is a material in which the aggregate particle size in suspension does not allow for structural methods of building and it naturally relaxes to an entropic state. It is within this context of material dysfunction that the process of interaction becomes relevant. Artist contact is forever trapped in the motion of creation; the vitrified gesture a resulting relationship built from memories and moments. In a constant search for communication, the process of creation leads him to discover and display personal flaws.

Joe is from Rhode Island, USA. He has an Associate's Degree - Fine Art from the Community College of Rhode Island, Bachelor's and Post-Baccalaureate in Artisanry - Ceramics from University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, and  Master's of Fine Art from Universitet i Bergen -Fakultet Kunst Musikk og Design in Bergen, Norway.

Joe at work
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