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Past Events

Artist in Residence - Anne-Lise Voisin
Cone 7 Artist in Residence program

During the month of December, 2022, we welcomed French artist Anne-Lise Voisin from Tours, France. This was a part of the SWAP program and provided an experience that was as memorable as it was educational. Her approach to artwork through play and curiosity was exemplified by her excitement to explore materiality through multiple media. Showing work that discussed transience and transparency, she worked for 5 weeks in the workshop and culminated in a show at Bergen Atelier Grouppe (BAG).

Anne-Lise work
B-Open 2022
Bergen Studio Tour - 2022

Each year, Bergen's artist studios open their doors to the public for tours and discussion of their practice. Cone 7 was open from September 17-18 for the public to enter and experience our workshop. Included on the tour was an activity that was available for the whole family, sgraffito pendants. This is a process in which a layer of slip is added to raw clay and then a design is created by "scratching" the slip away revealing the clay below. Free of charge, participants could sgraffito their own designs into small pieces of clay that would later be glazed and fired to their finished form. We are excited to be involved with B-Open 2023 which will take place on 23-24 September 2023.

Artist in Residence - Antonello Ghezzi
Cone 7 Artist in Residence Program

The first italian artist to take part in this exchange will be the artist duo Antonello Ghezzi. Comprised of Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi, the duo was born in 2009 and is based in Bologna. They work with both scientists and businesses, bringing art to daily life through installations that combine technology, reality, and poetry. Throughout the residency period in Bergen, they will have the chance to produce their artwork in the stimulating environment of Cone 7, a new-born ceramic workshop run by two professional ceramists, Lorie Ballage and Eléonore Griveau, thus creating a fertile ground for exchange between Antonello Ghezzi and Bergen-based artists. Antonello Ghezzi will show the result of their residency in an exhibition at Habitat Artspace inside Gyldenpris Kunsthall in Bergen. The final goal of the project is to offer artists the opportunity to research and confront themselves through their own artistic practice with a different cultural context, where the constant support of local curators will be fundamental. The latter, in fact, will act as a bridge between the host- territory and the guest-artists, putting them in contact with other operators,

B-Open 2021
Bergen Studio Tour - 2021

Cone 7 officialy  opened to the public during the Open-studio days B-Open. 
B-open offers a different art experience than what many are used to. The art the public experiences in galleries and museums often appears as finished, without a visible link to the creative processes behind the work. During the festival weekend, you can visit the studios where the art is created. Get to know a world that can seem mysterious and strange, and gain an insight into the artists' everyday working life.

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