• From Clay to Ceramic #4

Evening courses at Cone 7


Course information

Address: Johan Berentsensvei 65

5160, Laksevåg, Norway

5 weeks

Price: 4500 kr all included

Language: English

No prior knowledge required.

Course suitable for beginners who are interested in learning more about ceramics and people looking to improve their skills. In this course we learn basic techniques in the construction of ceramic objects and sculptures. We will look at different construction methods as coiling, slab building and throwing. 

The tutor will guide the participants through the most important methods and techniques in ceramics to create finished glazed products.


The total price is 4500 kr, this includes all materials - clay, plaster, glazes, teaching and technical support from experienced artists, use of our facilities, tools and firings.

 Next course starts 19th of October

Time: Every Wednesdays. at 18: 00-21: 00


  • Ceramic Weekend 


Course information

Address: Johan Berentsensvei 65

Price: 1500 kr all included

Language: English

No prior knowledge required.

Here you will be introduced to the world of ceramic and different approaches towards creating objects from clay. Come join us for a weekend in the studio where you will get a taste of the material through making. On Saturday we will go through the basic techniques to create objects and pottery, on Sunday we will decorate through coloured engobes. The pieces you make will be glazed and fired by us and ready for you to pick up after two weeks.

Next courses: 

Saturday 8th of October

Time: 13: 00-16: 00

Sunday 9th of October

Time: 13: 00-16: 00

To sign up simply send a mail to: !!

  • Individual throwing course with Joe Welch


Course information

Address: Johan Berentsensvei 65

Price: 1100kr/3 hours all included

Language: English

There is a requirement for two courses minimum.

Whether you’re a student potter, a keen amateur, an improver or a complete beginner, a throwing course at Cone 7 is a unique experience. Learn techniques, explore new approaches, or just enjoy dedicated time and space to develop your practice.

The course covers:

  • clay preparation: wedging techniques, centering clay on the wheel, throwing basic cylinders then moving on to different forms – jugs, vases, plates, bowls etc

  • practicing your preferred form, throwing to specific measurements, and repeat throwing

    turning and finishing, pulling and attaching handles and decorating techniques.

To sign up simply send a mail to: !!

To come later on:

  • Raku Firing Course

This course is an introduction to the quick and action filled raku-firing process. It is a chance to get a different look on ceramic objects and get a hands on experience of gas firing. The participants will Have a greater understanding of firing, surface treatments and glazes as well as a deeper knowledge of the ceramic process.


  • Making a glaze

In this workshop, we will focus on reflection over material and matter reactions to the transformative powers of fire. Through basic geological and cultural components of matter: clay, ceramic-material and substances used for glass-forming, the participant will explore in the first week the surface possibilities and glaze making. The second week will be dedicated to the application of the first week's results on the participants’ fired and unfired pieces which must have been made before the course.  At the end of this course, you will be able to make your own glaze based on recipes and grasp the overall knowledge of the possibilities of surface applications and their potentials.


  • Casting and Mould Making 

This two days course introduces methods of casting and mould making. Through demonstrations, discussions and exercises you will learn a variety of techniques used to create a wide range of forms. Materials included are clay, silicone, plaster, alginate and gelflex. 


  • Press Moulding 

The aim of this workshop is to develop an individual project related to clay using moulds in a free way. The course will start with an introduction in the use of plaster by making a plaster mold, learning technical skills and method exercises. It will then be followed by experimenting on using the plaster press moulds previously made. Learning about the potentialities of free moulds and to become self-reliant on the creation of plaster free moulds.

  • Markmaking workshop/Sgraffito 

The focus of this workshop will be in developing an understanding of the possibilities of marking clay. Sgraffito (“to scratch”) is a decorative technique which involves scratching through a top decorative layer to expose the underlying clay body. Here participants will have the opportunity to create contrasting images, patterns and texture to decorate their ceramic objects. We will focus on developing individual expressions, skill, and sensitivity to marking clay.

Ceramic Workshop