Residency program at Cone 7

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With an aspiration for a freedom to research in all facets of ceramic, we want to make Cone 7 a community which can provide a good and evolving workplace for people
willing to work with three-dimensional objects, preferably in clay and usingceramic
processes. Based in Vestland, our aim is not to restrict the access of our facilities to our area only but to remain an open and inclusive community with professional discussions and activities that can make the artists’ practice visible to the public. We are implementing a (inter)national program which takes form from open calls, residencies and specific exchange agreements between ceramic communities.

Created by Eléonore Griveau, the Cone 7 Residence program gives the artists an opportunity to work in a professional environment, exchange knowledge and experience within the ceramic field, and to start inspirational collaborations with other ceramic artists in an international environment with professional support and dialogue from the staff at the ceramic workshop. The program gives the young aspiring ceramists an irreplaceable international network while they develop their personal project leading to an restitution exhibition. The combination of great facilities, the presence of consultants with internationally leading technical knowledge and the openness to freely share recipes, processes and innovations, makes our workshop special. Our desire is to further develop the material ceramic and to promote its application in art, design and architecture.

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Ceramic Workshop