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For beginners and all levels 

  • From Clay to Ceramic

Every Wednesday, next session starting on the 19th of October

18.00- 21.00

5 courses long

Price: 4500 kr

  • Ceramic Weekend

Saturday 8th October and Sunday 9th October 

13: 00-16: 00

Price: 1500 kr

  • Individual throwing courses with Joe Welch

Contact us for availabilities 

Price: 1100kr/ 3 hours all included

There is a requirement for two courses minimum.

  • Individual project with Eleonore Griveau

Through contact from >>
300kr per hour




  • Use of our facilites
    send us a mail for more details 

    One day: 300kr

       One week: 1500kr


  • Firings

All firings are assisted by Cone 7 technicians.
Prices will be calculated depending of the percentage of space you will use in the kiln. 

Note that the prices also follow the prices of electricity. 


300L Kiln.

Low firing: 300kr

High firing: 450kr

60L kiln 

Low firing: 200kr

High firing: 350kr


  • Technical support

Hourly rate: 300kr 


Ceramic Workshop