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Cone 7 aims to open a cultural platform where artists, designers and other interested parties may experiment with clay and specific tools that are involved in a ceramic based practice. The workshop based in Laksevåg facilitates differing research methods, courses and other arrangements.


Cone 7 is founded by Eleonore Griveau and Lorie Ballage in 2020.
The space is run by two professional artists Eléonore together with Joe Welch. Open to artists, designers, and anyone willing to experiment with clay, our mission is to develop a long term ceramic community and to promote its application in art, design and craft. Graduated from the Art Academy of Bergen with a ceramic based practice, we are two artists who have been involving ourselves in the art scene of Bergen ever since. 


What we offer

From pottery throwing and hand building classes, to special firings and glazing courses, all participants are guided by specialists to realize their plans. Central to our workflow, the participants are in full control with their ideas and process. From making molds, use of materials, to firing and installation, we also provide technical advice and help in all areas of the ceramic process to artists and ceramists. We are open in hosting open house days for school classes to come and try out ceramics.
As an open ceramic workshop where classes and events take place, artists can also rent a space or even hire a technician for a specific amount of time to achieve their specific projects. Kilns are accessible for firings but not everyone can transport very fragile pieces, therefore it remains important in our eyes that a space is accessible for that purpose. Ceramic is a long process that demands time as it involves the making, the drying, the glazing and the firing  processes.

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