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Space rentals

Welcome to our exclusive subscription system! Once you've completed a course with us, you'll gain access to a world of exciting opportunities. Our subscription allows you to use our state-of-the-art facilities with full autonomy, allowing you to pursue your creative endeavors independently.
At Cone 7, we're committed to providing a nurturing and inspiring environment for artists of all levels. Join our subscription system today, and embark on an unforgettable self-expression and artistic growth journey.

Daily Pass: 500kr/day

Explore your artistic passions every day with our affordable daily pass option.


Limited Access: 1800kr / 4 days per month

Enjoy the freedom to create on four separate days within a month with this budget-friendly plan.


Limited Plus: 3000kr for 10 days per month

Take it up a notch with ten days of access per month, allowing you more time to nurture your creativity.


Monthly Membership: 6000kr/month

Get unlimited studio visits all month long, plus exclusive discounts on firings, clay, and glazes.


 3-Month Mastery: 13,500kr billed at 4500kr/month

Make a long-term commitment to your artistry with three months of unlimited visits and special discounts.

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🎨 Embrace the opportunity to unlock your creative potential with our diverse subscription options. Choose the plan that suits you best and start your artistic journey with us today! 🎨

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