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Become part of an international work environment that stimulates innovation and the desire to experiment.

AiR at Cone 7 

 Being an artist in residence in Cone 7 means to become part of a wonderful international work environment that stimulates innovation, originality, and the desire to experiment. We focus on creating an educational environment that promotes development and collaboration, and resident artists always have the assistance and support of our skilled staff.

We believe that creating a network and a dialogue within the ceramic community is important to both personal development, and to the advancement and future elaboration of the ceramic arts. We hope to encourage the exchange of knowledge and research into materials, techniques, ideas, and unity in the period you, as an artist, stay at Cone 7.

Our residency program/ General presentation 

Created by Eléonore Griveau, the Cone 7 Residency program gives the artists an opportunity to work in a professional environment, exchange knowledge and experience within the ceramic field, and to start inspirational collaborations with other ceramic artists in an international environment with professional support and dialogue from the staff at the ceramic workshop. The program gives the young aspiring ceramists an irreplaceable international network while they develop their personal project leading to an restitution exhibition. The combination of great facilities, the presence of consultants with internationally leading technical knowledge and the openness to freely share recipes, processes and innovations, makes our workshop special. Our desire is to further develop the material ceramic and to promote its application in art, design and architecture.

Cone 7 is a key player in the conceptualization and execution of a dynamic crossed residence initiative. The association will commit on several crucial responsibilities to ensure the success and enrichment of this program. First and foremost, Cone 7 commits to hosting a distinguished international artist in residence. By facilitating the exchange of ideas, experiences, and artistic expressions across borders, Cone 7 aims to foster a vibrant atmosphere of cultural diversity and mutual learning.

We recognize the paramount importance of providing the artist with the means necessary to concretize their artistic project. This includes allocating resources and support tailored to the specific needs and vision of the artist. The association takes pride in nurturing creative freedom and empowering artists to fully explore and manifest their artistic endeavors during their residency.

In addition to the artist's individual pursuits, we will organize meaningful interactions with the public and professionals within the local territory. By doing so, the association aims to bridge the gap between the artist and the community, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artistic process.
One public presentation, a solo exhibition, and interactive sessions will be thoughtfully arranged to engage the public and enable fruitful discussions between the artist and local audiences. This cultural exchange is expected to create lasting connections, leaving a positive impact on both the artist's creative journey and the local artistic ecosystem.

Anne-Lise Voisin "the smell of the forest is the same everywhere" 2022

Antonello Ghezzi, Habitat, Bergen 2021


  • July 2021: Gwenael Lebée ,Cone 7, Bergen, Norway. Solo show in Galleri Kronborg.


  • April 2022: Antonello Ghezzi,Cone 7, Bergen, Norway. Solo show in Habitat Art space.

  • October 2022: Eléonore Griveau, Adiacenze, Bologna, Italy. Solo show in Adiacenze art center.


  • November 2022: Anne-Lise Voisin, Cone 7, Bergen,

       Norway. Solo show in Bergen Ateliergruppe.


  • April 2024: Marine Duforet, Cone 7, Bergen, Norway. Solo show TBA.

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