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a collaborative ceramic studio hub offering clay courses, international residency, kiln and space rentals 


Get to Know Us

Cone-7 is a ceramic center in Laksevåg, Bergen. It´s founded by Eléonore Griveau and Lorie Ballage and is run by Eléonore together with Joe Welch. It is open to artists, designers and anyone with an interest in learning more about clay. Our workshop facilitates research, courses, and other arrangements. As an open ceramic platform where classes are held, artists can also rent a space or a technician to complete their specific projects.

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From pottery throwing and hand building classes, to special firings and glazing courses, all participants are guided by specialists to realize their plans!

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Cone 7 Production

Are you in need of a studio that can produce consistent and gorgeous work?

We provide skill and quality products for your business!

Space Rental image

Whether you want to improve skills, make gifts, or need space for your professional practice, we have room for you!


Julebord? Bachelorette party?

Team Building? Family activity?

Our workshop is open for rental!

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With 300L and 60L you have ample space for firing your work!

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The Cone 7 Residency Program gives the artists an opportunity to work in a professional environment, exchange knowledge and experience within the ceramic field, and to start inspirational collaborations with other ceramic artists in an international environment with professional support and dialogue from the staff at the ceramic workshop.

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